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EC Members
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Executive Committee Members

Executive committee members are chosen by the house in the annual GBM. Traditionally the outgoing Convenor on behalf of the Executive Committee proposes the names of suitable candidates for the next Committee based on their participation in Club activities, experience, temperament, team spirit, physical toughness and mental resilience in facing difficult situations on various Club programmes. Adventure sports, unlike other sports, involves a high-risk element. Hence, the names proposed are of those who have proved themselves. The House is the final authority in selecting these candidates for the following year. Usually the names proposed are selected unopposed. This has the advantage of ensuring continuity of programmes and keeping the Club functioning at its peak level.

Executive Committee for the year 2013-2014 

Prem Chandra Kumar(Convenor)

Anushree (Secretary)

Sadiq Altaf


Akshat Kumar


Suresh Kumar




Nokmedemla Lemtur


Chandan Kumar


Previous Office Bearers
Ex-convenor 2013- Nipun Nutan

Team for 2012-2013: Yashasvi Chandra (Convenor) (M.Phil/CWAS/SIS), Prem Chandra(Secretary) (B.A/CPCAS/SLL&CS), Shashank Dixit (B.A/CRS/SLL&CS), Ritu Raj (B.A/CRS/SLL&CS), Vishesh Rai (M.Phil/CIL/SLL&CS), Sadiq Altaf (M.A/CAAS/SLL&CS), Anushree (B.A/CSPILAS/SLL&CS), Kavita (B.A/CRS/SLL&CS), Suresh Kumar (B.A/CRS/SLL&CS)

Team for 2011-2012: Ratnesh Kumar (Convenor) (M.Phil/CRS/SLL&CS), Yashasvi Chandra (Secretary) (M.Phil/CWAS/SIS)Prem Chandra (B.A/CPCAS/SLL&CS)Shushant Saini (Convenor) (M.Phil/CRS/SLL&CS), Shashank Dixit (B.A/CRS/SLL&CS), Ritu Raj (B.A/CRS/SLL&CS), Suman Beniwal (B.A/CRS/SLL&CS), Sandeep Yadav (M.A/CRS/SLL&CS), Rajesh Bharti (M.Phil/CSRD/SSS), Harpreet Kaur (SSS)

Team for 2010-2011: Shushant Saini (Convenor) (M.Phil/CRS/SLL&CS), Divyam Prakash (Secretary), Rishika Chauhan (M.A./SIS)  Ratnesh Kumar  (M.Phil/CRS/SLL&CS)Eshita Tripathi  (M.Phil/CSRD/SSS),   Tenzin Dolma (M.A/PIS/SIS), Md. Zafar Iqbal (B.A./CAAS/SLL&CS), Mukesh Prabhat (M.A./CFFS/SLL&CS)Nitesh Rai (B.A./CRS/SLL&CS)

Team for 2009-2010: Bibek Bhuyan (Convenor) (Ph.d/CSRD/SSS), Sushant Saini (M.Phil/CRS/SLL&CS), Divyam Prakash (B.A./CRS/SLL&CS), Himadri Ketu (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), Divi Singh (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), Rahul Sharma (M.Phil/CSRD/SSS), Divya Agnihotri (Ph.D/SIS), Syed Usama Ameen (M.A./CAAS/SLL&CS)

Team for 2008-2009: Sushil Belwal (Convenor) (M.A./CRS/SLL&CS), Bibek Bhuyan (Secretary) (Ph.D/CSRD/SSS), Kirtimaan Mohan (M.A./SPS), Ratnesh Kumar (M.A./CRS/SLL&CS), Himadri Ketu (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), Divi Singh (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), Sureshika Piyasen (MPhil/CLS/SLL&CS), Jaiprakash Yadav (BA/CRS/SLL&CS)

Team for 2007-2008: Sanjeev Chahar (Convenor) (PhD/CSRD/SSS), Vinay Kumar Yadav (Secretary) (B.A/CSPILAS/SLL&CS), Prashant Saini (BA/CRS/SLL&CS), Manish Kapoor (MA/CCSEAS/SLL&CS), Ratnesh Kumar (MA/CRS/SLL&CS), Himadri Ketu (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), Sushil Belwal (BA/CRS/SLL&CS), Sureshika Piyasen (MPhil/CLS/SLL&CS), Dennis (MA/CHS/SSS), Vishwaranjan Prakash (M.A/CRS/SLL&CS).

Team for 2006-2007: Uttam Lal (Convenor) (Ph.D/CSRD/SSS), Nina Gogate (Secretary) (MPhil/CFFS/SLL&CS), Manish Kapoor (BA/CCSEAS/SLL&CS), Mukesh Kumar Verma (B.A/CCSEAS/SLL&CS), Sanjeev Chahar (PhD/CSRD/SSS), Md. Izhar Ashraf(PhD/CPCAS/SLL&CS), Deepika Fuloria (PhD/CEAS/SIS), Vinay Kumar Yadav (B.A/CSS/SLL&CS), Priynaka Rane (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), Prashant Saini (BA/CRS/SLL&CS).

Team for 2006: Sukanya Natarajan (Convenor) (MPhil/CEAS/SIS), Rajesh Dahiya (Secretary) (B.A/CJNES/SLL&CS), Deepika Fuloria (PhD/CEAS/SIS), Prashant Saini (B.A/CRS/SIS), Uttam Lal (PhD/CSRD/SSS), Mukesh Kumar Verma (B.A/CCSEAS/SLL&CS), Priyanka Rane (M.A/CGS/SLL&CS), Sanjeev Chahar (PhD/CSRD/SSS), Md. Izhar Ashraf(PhD/CPCAS/SLL&CS), Vinay Kumar Yadav (B.A/CSS/SLL&CS).

Team for 2004-2006: Team for 2005-2006: Sudhir Pullela (Convenor) (PhD/CSCSEASWPS/SIS), Nina Gogate (Secretary) (MPhil/CFFS/SLL&CS), Dillip Kumar Mohanty (PhD/CES/SIS), Sukanya Natarajan (MPhil/CEAS/SIS), Uttam Lal (PhD/CSRD/SSS), Mukesh Kumar Verma (BA/ CCSEAS/SLL&CS), Rajesh Dahiya (BA/CJNEAS/SLL&CS), Sanjeev Chahar (PhD/CSRD/SSS), Meghna Agarwal (MSc/SES/SES), Tejashri P Ghanekar (PhD/CFFS/SLL&CS).

Team for 2004-2005: Rajesh Kapoor (Convenor) (Ph.D/CEAS/SIS), Sudhir Pullela (Secretary) (Ph.D/CSCSEASWPS/SIS), Dilip Kumar Mohanty (Ph.D/CAWES/SIS), Sukanya Natarajan (MA/CPIS/SIS), Nina Gogate (MPhil/CFFS/SLL&CS), Kapila Mallah (Mphil/CESP/SSS), Namrata Goswami (Ph.D/CIPOD/SIS), Raghvendra Kumar (M.A/CPCAS/SLL&CS), Abhay Indu (M.A/CFFS/SLL&CS), Deepak Kumar Laleria (M.A/CFFS/SLL&CS).

Team for 2002-2004: J T Jacob (Convenor) (Ph.D./CEAS/SIS) Dillip Kumar Mohanty (Secretary) (Ph.D./CAWES/SIS), Sanjeev Kumar (M.A./CPCAS/SLL&CS), Neha Mamgain (M.Phil./CSS/SLL&CS), Nenem Misao (Ph.D./CSSS/SSS), Anand M (M.A./ CESP/SSS), Sudhir Pullela (Ph.D./CSCSEASWPS/SIS), Preeti Pant (M.Phil./CSS/SLL&CS), Rajesh Kapoor (Ph.D./CEAS/SIS), Kamakhya Singh (BA/CRS/SLL&CS)

Team for 2000-2002: Kamala Kumari (Convenor) (M.Phil./CRCAEES/SIS), Saurabh Vikas (Secretary) (MA/CFS/SLL&CS), Preeti Pant (MA/CSS/SLL&CS), Mushtaq A Lone (Ph.D./CSSS/SSS), Raj Rajesh (M.Phil./CAWES/SIS), Neha Mamgain (BA/CSS/SLL&CS), Mohd. Qamar Tabrez (Ph.D./CIL/SLL&CS), Preeti Sharma (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), J T Jacob (M.Phil./CEAS/SIS), Manish Kapoor (BA/CSS/SLL&CS).

Team for 1999-2000: G. Senthil Kumar (Convenor) (Ph.D./CPS/SSS), S. Dhanalakshmi (Secretary) (Ph.D./SLS), Binay Kumar Mohanty (Ph.D./CEAS/SIS), Kamala Kumari (M.Phil./CRCAEES/SIS), Nitesh Uniyal (MA/CSS/SLL&CS), Deepak Garg (BA/CSS/SLL&CS), Saurabh Vikas (BA/CFS/SLL&CS), R Venkataramanujam (Ph.D./CSDILE/SIS), Preeti Sharma (MA/CGS/SLL&CS), Preet Singh (M.Phil./SES).

Team for 1998-99: Benoy George Thomas (Convenor) (Ph.D./CAWES/SIS), Suparna Karmakar (Secretary) (Ph.D./CESP/SSS), Binay Kumar Mohanty (Ph.D./CEAS/SIS), Kamala Kumari (M.Phil./CRCAEES/SIS), Nitesh Uniyal (MA/CSS/SLL&CS), G. Senthil Kumar (Ph.D./CPS/SSS), S. Dhanalakshmi (Ph.D./SLS), Rajiv Kumar (MA/CSS/SLL&CS), Christina Wanniang (M.Phil./CLE/ SLL&CS), S. Gopinath (M.Phil./CFFS/SLL&CS).

Team for 1997-98: Rajesh Mall (Convenor) (Ph.D./CPS/SSS), Sanjay Gupta (Secretary) (Ph.D./CPS/SSS), Suparna Karmakar, (Ph.D./CESP/SSS), Binay Kumar Mohanty (Ph.D./CEAS/SIS), Benoy George Thomas (Ph.D./CAWES/SIS), Christina Wanniang (M.Phil./CLE/ SLL&CS), Jagat Mitra Singh Deo (MA/CLE/ SLL&CS).

Team for 1996-97: N. Hari Mohan (Convenor) (Ph.D./CSMCH/SSS), Jasleen Kohli (Secretary) (MA/CSS/SLL&CS), Rajesh Mall (Ph.D./CPS/SSS), Sanjay Gupta (Ph.D./CPS/SSS), Benoy George Thomas (Ph.D./CAWES/SIS), M. Zechariah ((Ph.D./CESP/SSS), Rizbanur Rahman (Ph.D./CAAL/SLL&CS), Richa Jayal (BA/CJNEAS/SLL&CS), Tadi V. Ramana Kumar (M.Tech./SC&SS), R.K. Dwivedi (Ph.D./CCAS/SIS).

Team for 1995-96: Kalyan Das (Convenor) (Ph.D./CSRD/SSS) Partha Prathim Sharma (Secretary) (M.Phil./CESP/SSS), N. Hari Mohan (Ph.D./CSMCH/SSS), Rizbanur Rahman (Ph.D./CAAL/SLL&CS), Madhumati Deshpande (Ph.D./CSDILE/SIS), Vrinda Deshpande (M.Phil./CSDILE/SIS), Senthil Ram (M.Phil./CIPOD/SIS), Mohd. Shakil (Ph.D./CAAL/SLL&CS), Bhavana Krishnamurthy (MA/CLE/ SLL&CS), Jasleen Kohli (MA/CSS/SLL&CS),

Team for 1994-95: Subhasish Panda (Convenor) (Ph.D./SES), Vinod Singh (Secretary) (Ph.D./CSRD/SSS), Kalyan Das (Ph.D./CSRD/SSS), Partha Prathim Sharma (M.Phil./CESP/SSS), N. Hari Mohan (Ph.D./CSMCH/SSS), Rizbanur Rahman (Ph.D./CAAL/SLL&CS), Madhumati Deshpande (Ph.D./CSDILE/SIS), Md. Shakil (Ph.D./CAAL/SLL&CS), Jasleen Kohli (MA/CSS/SLL&CS), Narmadeshewar Prasad (Ph.D./CIPOD/SIS), Ananto Charan Mallik (M.Phil./CSRD/SSS).

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