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Indrahar Pass Trek (August-September 2009)

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We started in Himachal Roadways bus from ISBT New Delhi in Evening and reached dharamshala bus stop next morning.

From there we took a bus to Mcleodganj, where we stayed in the Regional Mountaineering Institute, Mcleodganj (This was possible for us as it was a university club trip else Mcleodganj is very costly) . That day we just explored mcleodganj (Tibetan museum, Buddhist Temple, DALL Lake, Local Food etc...) and we also bought vegetables etc.. for our trek. Meanwhile we also got news about the heavy snowfall in trek route and other nearby areas.

Day 1 of the Trek

Mcleodganj to Triund (8-9 kms)

This distance is heavely frequented and u can find lot of people in the way... there are many tea shops and cafes in this route

Triund is like a hill station type of place with three or four proper shops selling tea, biscuit, eggs and lot more. There is also guest house and small places where one can find a room. But we stayed in our tents as there is lot of place to camp also.

Day 2 of Trek
Triund to Lahesh Cave 5-6 Kms
This was though a short distance but it was very steep and we gained a good height of 3300 mts. The route near the final destination that is cave is at an angle of around 50-60deg. approx.
That day we stayed in cave, it was a huge cave and we were 18 people inside it even we cooked our food inside it।

There is a waterfall near the cave as water source.

Day 3 of Trek

Rest Day
We just went for an acclimatization walk and stayed in the cave.

This was necessary as the pass is very steep its just a 4 km distance to pass but the altitude gain is 1000 mts.

Day 4 of Trek

Lahesh Cave - Indrahar Pass (4350 mts.) - Chatta Parao 10-11 km

We started at around 6:30 am and reached the pass at around 12 - 12:30 pm.

There was some old snow , some ice.

But as we reached the pass other side it was a very different scene, it was all snow and fresh snow.

And snow started falling while we were on route.

So it was 4 km to pass and then around 6-7 km to chatta parao.

At chatta parao there is also a cave but its small for 3-4 people.

height is around 330o mts.

Day 5 of Trek

Chatta Parao - Kwarsi village 14kms.

This was the toughest day of the trek and the most adventurous one too.

The distance is filled with lots of ascendings and descendings, once we start descending and happy... the nest moment we have to clib again a lot and it keeps on repeating. The village seemed to be shifting away from us.

But it is very beautiful with waterfalls and gushing streams in the way.

finally in evening we reached the village kwarsi.

In kwarsi we stayed in the village temple and had a chance to eat apples directly from the trees.

Day 6 of Trek

Kwarsi to Dalli 6-8kms

This route i suppose will disappear soon as the road reaching kwarsi very fast. Half of the route was trekking route then we were walking on the jeepable road and finally we were on the road.
In Dalli (1700mts) we took bus for Chamba। We reached chamba in evening। From there bus to chandigarh । Next day in chandigarh and then to delhi.

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